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Here at Yarn we like telling stories. Complicated, emotional, and surprising stories that you can get lost in for hours.
We believe there’s one perfect way to tell every story. Finding it can be painstaking work - maddening, even. But when you do, it’s spellbinding and it might just resonate with millions of people all over the world.

So, what’s your story, and how can we help you tell it?

Perhaps you uncovered a box of old cassette tapes in your uncle’s basement, and think there’s a great podcast in there, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you already have a podcast and you want to make it better. Or your brand is exploring ways to communicate through audio.

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West Cork

Like a lot of places out on the fringes, West Cork attracted people for all sorts of reasons. It was a place to escape to, where the rules of modern life didn’t seem to apply. A community that grew by word of mouth, people floating in on the breeze to this rural Irish idyll. The locals had a name for them - they called them blow-ins.

For a while it was perfect.

But then one blow-in was murdered, and another was suspected of doing it. And where you might expect him to leave, he dug in. He stayed in his cottage just a few miles from town. And everyone else was supposed to go on with their lives, with the embodiment of all their unsettled nerves still resolutely among them.

West Cork is “an exploration of how a tragedy, mixed with spectacle, can redefine and consume the terms of a place, a person, and a time,” according to New York Magazine. West Cork was the #1 bestselling non-fiction title on Audible in 2018. The series can be found on Apple Podcasts and at audible.com/westcork

STAY FREE: The Story of The Clash

The Clash were a snotty London punk group that came to be known worldwide as “the only band that mattered”. Thrown together by a visionary, enigmatic manager, the band began as what legendary music critic Lester Bangs called “a unit of noise, looking for trouble”. They went from punk rock purity to experiments in jazz, funk and reggae, accused from the very start of selling out. This podcast asks the question that Clash frontman Joe Strummer worried about from the start, that every band striving for authenticity faces - how do you become big enough to change the world, without letting the world change you?

This is the loud, angry, frenzied story of The Clash, and their powerful influence, told by the frontman of another group of noisy troublemakers, Chuck D of Public Enemy. As the series reveals one night a decade after The Clash took the stage in London, a young Chuck D had a revelation in New York, when a friend turned to him and said, “you could be the Joe Strummer of hip hop.” Get it on Spotify.

Praise for ‘West Cork’

“Possibly the best ever true crime podcast.”

Louis Theroux

“It knocked me out like no podcast since S-Town. A masterpiece. Listen.”

Patrick Radden Keefe, staff writer, The New Yorker

“Brilliantly reported and compellingly constructed”

The Telegraph

“West Cork is the new Serial. It may even be better”

—  The Times

“A nuanced, insightful examination.”

The Guardian

“A masterpiece of storytelling.”

The Pod Bible

“A work of forensic journalism stamped with integrity.”

The Sunday Times

“An utterly unforgettable testament to the power of good reporting.”

Stuff NZ

“An intricately reported masterpiece of content and form”

—  Audible, winner True Crime book of the year 2018

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This is us.

Jennifer Forde

Before entering the world of podcasts, Jennifer worked for many years as a television documentary producer, both inside the BBC and at several leading UK production companies. Her impressive credits include directing and producing on a Royal Television Society Award winning BBC Four documentary series about the national grid, a Grierson-short-listed documentary series about Catholic identity in Britain, and working with Louis Theroux on his series LA Stories.


Sam Bungey 

Sam is an award-winning journalist who started his career in Dublin by publishing a national monthly magazine, Mongrel, and later launched the narrative journalism site, The Racket. Sam was staff reporter at the Vineyard Gazette in Massachusetts and was deputy editor of Australian news site, The Global Mail. As a writer he has contributed to the Dublin Review, Sunday Business Post, The Guardian, The Daily Beast and elsewhere. He got his start in radio in 2011 with a story for This American Life about a violent turkey.



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